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Should You Pay Summer Interns?

Should You Pay Summer Interns? Each year, many companies—large and small—offer summer internships. The interns are frequently college students between academic years, and they usually are unpaid. Recently, such arrangements have come under fire from those contending interns should be put on the payroll.The advantages of unpaid internships are [...]

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Planning for Today’s Pensions

Planning for Today’s Pensions Some observers have commented that few private sector workers can look forward to pensions after retirement. The traditional pension, a lifelong stream of income to a retiree and perhaps a surviving spouse, is becoming a rarity for those who are not long-term government [...]

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Drawing Down Your Retirement

Drawing Down Your Retirement Drawing Down Your Portfolio in Retirement Retirees often need money from their investment portfolio, especially if they have little or no earned income. For many seniors, tax-efficient withdrawals require two levels of decisions. First, should the dollars come from regular taxable accounts or [...]

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Nonprofit Compliance Issues

Nonprofit Compliance Issues Nonprofit organizations must be compliant with rules from many different agencies. Here is a look at some of the current Internal Revenue Service issues to be aware of. 501(c) (4), (5) and (6) Self-Declarers Social welfare organizations; labor, agricultural and horticultural groups; and business [...]

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Why Nonprofits Need Continuity Plans

Why Nonprofits Need Continuity Plans Most not-for-profits are intensely focused on present needs — not the possibility that disaster will strike sometime in the distant future. Yet it’s critical that all organizations have a formal continuity plan to guide them should a natural or manmade disaster disrupt [...]

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