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Business Owners: When it comes to IRS audits, be prepared

If you recently filed for your income tax return (rather than filing for an extension) you may […]

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Now’s a great time to purge old tax records

Whether you filed your tax return by the April 15 deadline or you filed for an extension, you may […]

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Bartering may be cash-free, but it’s not tax-free

Bartering might seem like something that happened only in ancient times, but the practice is still common today. And the general definition remains the same: the exchange of goods and services without the exchange of money. […]

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Drawing Down Your Retirement

Drawing Down Your Portfolio in Retirement

Retirees often need money from their investment portfolio, especially if they have little or no earned income. For many seniors, tax-efficient withdrawals require two levels of decisions. First, should the dollars come from regular taxable accounts or from tax-deferred accounts such as […]

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